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Remove the limits from your car with an ECU Pro remap, we use the latest ECU remap technology and countless hours of research and development on our 4WD rolling road in Birmingham to provide you with the best ECU remap possible, so rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands when you have an ECU Pro remap.

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We offer a mobile ECU remapping service whereby we come to you at home or work to install your custom written remap for your vehicle, this is usually complete within 1 hour.  We currently cover Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire and prices start from £149.99.

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Our van ECU remap software will improve all round driveability and will provide you with the extra torque you need for heavy loads. We will achieve better MPG saving you money, also the improved performance will save you time on the road. We offer a nationwide mobile ECU remap serivce or visit us in Birmingham.

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If you are looking for more power from your vehicle, we can increase the bhp and torque with our performance remaps by optimising the engine settings in your vehicle’s ECU.  We can custom write a remap from stage 1 to 5 for any vehicle and our performance gains are guaranteed.  This is our most popular remap and receives excellent customer feedback.

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ECU Pro are bike remap experts based in Birmingham, we will personalise the behaviour of your motorbike on the road and track to match your unique driving style and achieve optimum performance with an ECU remap.  We will adjust fuelling right through the rev range and de-restrict the lower gears too.

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An economy remap will extract better fuel economy from your engine without compromising stock performance, we do this by adjusting the torque settings to require less throttle when accelerating and maintaining steady speeds.  Economy remaps are most effective for turbo diesel engines and you will gain up to 25% better mpg when adopting the same driving style as before the remap.


We house a 4WD Dynocom DC5000 rated to 2000hp. We have spent countless hours researching and developing our remapping software on many vehicles. All software we supply is produced by ECU Pro in house, our software engineers are fully qualified to recalibrate engine maps and are at the forefront of the industry. We supply our recalibrations to companies throughout Europe and are well known for our reliability.


Our engineers are fully qualifed in the field of vehicle diagnostics, and can find any faults you may have with ease. We have various dealer level diagnostics tools for most vehicle manufacturers and can in many cases perform updates, code in new features and carry out resets. We also have access to large technical databases and vehicle parts information, combined with many years experience in the industry.



We can recalibrate your ECU remap to disable the DPF function and stop the regeneration process, we can also delete related sensors saving you money and time. We have options for DPF cleaning including warranty, forced regenerations and full DPF reset too. 



As specialists in the performance remapping of engine management systems, we are able to provide a wide range of add-ons to your remap to take your vehicle tuning to the next level, from launch control to rev limiter adjustments and more.



We can permanently close the troublesome EGR valve electronically with an ECU remap and delete the related fault codes. We also adjust the relevant engine maps to compensate for this modification and this is covered with a life-time warranty.



We offer the complete ECU repair service, we have the latest technology to test and repair almost all ECU variants on the market. We can also supply replacement plug and play ECUs for a fraction of the cost from a main dealer, with a fast turn around too. 



We can remove speed limiters from many vehicles up to date, we include this free of charge when you purchase an ECU Pro remap. We can also set speed limiters for fleet and commercial vehicles when required along with an economy remap. 



We have a range of ECU remapping tools and accessories available to purchase through our online shop, we only supply Alientech products which we use ourselves and know first-hand to be the best and most reliable remapping tools.


At the heart of ECU Pro is a team of dedicated software engineers, with over 15 years’ experience in the optimisation of engine management software.  Our engineers develop all of our ECU Remapping software on our 4WD  rolling road  in Birmingham, utilising a wide range of tools from Alientech and Dimsport and continually investing in the latest software and protocols to provide you with the most up-to-date and efficient program for your ECU.​


We offer a 14 day money back guarantee with all ECU  remap software, a supplementary mechanical breakdown warranty* and a life time guarantee on our ECU remapping too.  We offer a diagnostics with all our ECU remap software and use the leading ECU remapping tools in the industry, from AlienTech and DimSport, ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands when you choose to have your remap with ECU PRO.  *Terms & Conditions apply.


​"This something that I had been considering for a couple of years, I wish I had it done sooner (I would have saved more money). The technician was prompt and pleasant to deal with." John P


​"Transformed the flat spots and increased the power through the rev range. I will be definitely recommending ECU Pro to friends and family. Overall great price and very professional." Atif K


​"I had a stage one remap, well what can I say, a brand new car straight from the off. Great service and very professional and friendly. A big recommendation from me, very happy." Joe B