Performance ECU Remap

Are you ready to experience your vehicle's full potential?  The impressive power and torque gains that an ECU Pro remap provides will overhaul your driving experience and leave you feeling like you have a new car!  Throttle response and acceleration speed will be improved, frequently fuel economy can be enhanced too, and we do all of this without impairing the manufacturer reliability or service schedule.

You may be wondering if it is safe to adjust the limits of your vehicle and why it was restricted in the first place.  The reason for this is that manufacturers need to create a "one size fits all" when developing their engines in order to meet a wide range of regulations and climates across the globe, and so they limit the power and mpg via the ECU to achieve this.  As we don't have these limitations, ECU Pro is able to fine tune your vehicle, and by safely modifying the power and torque outputs with our specialised remapping, we can unleash your engine's capabilities and provide the performance you are looking for.

Stage 1 - Designed for a stock vehicle & requires no engine modifications​. Stage 2 - Requires upgraded parts such as exhaust system & intercooler upgrades​. Stage 3 - Requires many upgraded parts & a custom rolling road remap.

Economy ECU Remap

Running your vehicle can be expensive enough, coupled with fuel prices frequently on the up, an ECU Pro economy remap could be just what you are looking for.  By increasing the torque at the bottom of the rev range you will find that you need less throttle to accelerate and maintain steady speeds, thus reducing your fuel consumption and carbon footprint too.

Manufacturers limit the power and mpg of vehicles to conform to the various markets they encounter around the world, due to diverse fuel grades and various other factors.  Without these constraints we are able to optimise our economy remaps to enhance fuel efficiency further whilst simultaneously increasing power too.


Turbo diesels respond best to our economy remaps, which can save you up to 20% in fuel efficiency, meaning you will pay yourself back in no time.  It will also enable the vehicle to be driven in higher gears at slower speeds in turn lowering the revs, which also applies when driving with heavy loads and towing.

Fuel Efficiency One of our economy remaps will improve your fuel consumption by up to 20%. Enhanced Performance Low end torque and power delivery will also be enhanced. Save Money Your improved MPG will mean you’ll be refilling the tank less often.

DPF Delete / DPF Removal

Generally a Diesel Particulate Filter has a life span of around 75,000 miles, although this varies dependent on vehicle use and the condition of the engine.  The filter is used to store particulate matter which is burnt into a finer soot through a regeneration process instructed by the ECU, as this soot is never completely removed from the filter it becomes blocked, in turn preventing the regeneration from being able to take place and your vehicle will enter limp mode.

If you choose to remove your DPF as a solution to this problem, you will need to have your ECU remapped to remove any DPF related functions from the vehicle’s software.  This is the most imperative part of the process and it is vital that the ECU is reprogramed properly or your DPF issues will not be resolved.  By remapping the ECU after removal of your DPF, it will stop the vehicle from sensing the removed filter and prevent future DPF regeneration and warning lights.  We will also remap your ECU for better fuel efficiency and performance at the same time.

Improve performance & fuel economy. Reduce turbo lag & vehicle repair costs. Prolong engine & turbo life with reduced backpressure.

EGR Delete / EGR Disable

Manufacturers have had to develop the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system in order to meet emission targets set by the EU and other Governmental bodies.  As part of this initiative, EGR valves are fitted to vehicles to reduce their emissions, however this is impacting upon the efficiency and reliability of the engine. We offer a full EGR bypass service which will improve efficiency and help you to avoid the expensive repair bills and reliability issues the EGR valve is causing.

EGR valves are installed by manufacturers to decrease the amount of NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) released by the vehicle.  However, when the dirty exhaust gasses clog up the valve, it can get stuck in the open position and starve the engine of oxygen.  This results in a sluggish and inefficient vehicle, and in some cases the vehicle can become practically un-driveable.

Firstly, if carbon build up has occurred and the EGR valve cannot fully close, then it is blanked to stop any exhaust gasses from flowing through the valve and entering the intake system.  Then we remap the ECU to remove the EGR functions from the software, or electronically programme it to remain closed at all times. We can also remap the vehicle for performance and fuel efficiency gains at the same time.

Improve power delivery & fuel efficiency. Reduce performance flatspots & maintenance costs. Prolong engine & Turbo life with a cleaner intake system

Advance ECU Remap Options

As specialists in the performance remapping of engine management systems, we are able to provide a wide range of add-ons to your remap, from launch control to rev limiter adjustments.  These advance tuning extras can often be included at no additional charge with one of our remaps, take a look at the options we have available below to see how we can take your vehicle tuning to the next level.

Swirl Flap Delete

We can deactivate the swirl flap function in the ECU, in many cases saving you money on large repair costs. Commonly found on VAG group vehicles.

O2 Lamba Delete

We can remove lamba O2 sensors fault codes within the ECU to keep off the engine warning light, if you have modified your exhaust system.

DTC Fault Code Delete

If you have a fault code on the ECU causing an engine light, but not impairing engine performance or efficiency, then we can remove this from the ECU.

Start Stop Disable

We can electronically disable the start stop function in the ECU and code out any related DTC fault codes that maybe associated with the system.

Adblue Disable

We can disable the ad blue system entirely for most vehicles and commercials up to date, and we can code out any faults relating to the ad blue function.

Hot Start Fix

We can recalibrate engine maps to prevent non starting issues when the engine is  hot. This is a reliable solution for an inconvenient problem.

Launch Control

Launch control is designed to help the driver generate a quick launch from stand still. We can apply this function to a wide variety of vehicles.

Pop / Bang Limiter

We can supply the petrol pop bang limiter for many vehicles up to date. In many cases we can make this function switchable. Supporting modifications needed.

Popcorn Limiter

We can supply diesel popcorn limiters on many vehicles up to date. You must have supporting exhaust modifications for us to enable the popcorn limiter.

Rev Limiter Adjustment

We can adjust rev limits and increase them on a variety of vehicles up to present. We recalibrate engine maps to compensate the higher rev range.

MAF Delete

We can disable the MAF sensor from the vehicles ECU and any related fault codes. This is only recommened on highly tuned & race vehicles.

4WD Rolling Road Remap / Dyno Tuning

We house a 4-wheel drive Dynocom DC5000 rated to 2000hp, on which we have spent countless hours researching and developing our remapping software on many vehicles.  All software we supply is produced by ECU Pro in-house, our software engineers are fully qualified to recalibrate engine maps and are at the forefront of the industry.

Anyone can tell you that they are the best, but few can back up the claims they make.  Our 4-wheel drive Dynocom helps to set us apart from the rest, by developing all of our software on it we are able to custom tune vehicles to the finest details, keep up to speed with engine developments and provide evidence of the performance gains achieved.  We supply our recalibrations to companies throughout Europe and are well known for our reliability and quality of software recalibrations.  So when we say we guarantee our gains, you know we mean it.

You can bring your car into our Headquarters in Birmingham for a Dyno Tune, this takes approximately 2 hours and prices start from £299.99 including your graph print out.

Dyno Remapping complete rolling road remaps start from £299.99. 2WD Power Runs five back to back runs with graph print out from £59.99. 4WD Power Runs -five back to back runs with graph print out from £99.99

Mobile ECU Remap / We Come To You

Our mobile service means you can have your car remapped without even having to leave the comfort of your own home, your local engineer will come to you and install your remap whilst you get on with your day.  We can also visit you at your workplace if you would prefer, the remap usually takes around 1 hour to install.  Once your remap is complete, you can take your vehicle for a test drive to ensure your satisfaction before paying the engineer the remaining balance. 

Speed Limiter Removal

Speed limiters are often applied at factory, for example many BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen vehicles have a factory set speed limit of 155 MPH, or a limiter may have been set at a later date by a third party.  We are able to amend the ECU settings to remove or adjust speed limiters from most vehicles up to date, which ensures safer overtaking and a better driving experience.  We include this modification free of charge when you purchase an ECU Pro remap and we can also set speed limiters for fleet and commercial vehicles when required. 

ECU Repairs / ECU Replacement

If you are having problems with your ECU, we can help, with use of the latest technology we are able to test and repair almost all ECU variants on the market.  We can also supply replacement plug and play ECUs for a fraction of the cost from a main dealer, with a fast turn around too.