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ECU Pro is one of the UK’s leading tuning organisations, we specialise in the performance remapping of engine management systems, and improving the driveability, efficiency, power output and fuel economy of all engines.  Having spent years developing our ECU Pro software with our 4WD Dynocom, we are passionate about transferring this unrivalled knowledge into enhancing our customers driving experience.  We pride ourselves on our expertise of ECU remapping, backed up by a dedicated customer service team, we endeavour to provide a first-class experience for our customers, from first point of contact through to test drive and beyond, we aim to be a consistently unforgettable and dependable service.  

How It Works ECU Remapping

At ECU Pro, we connect to the vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) with a laptop via the vehicle’s diagnostic socket. It reads the current management file which then you will upload to our website via the dealer portal, and is added to our database, we will then write out the recalibration for the customer’s vehicle and send it back to your official ECU Pro email. The remapping process often takes under an hour to complete and we pride ourselves on an efficient turnaround.

Reliable Software Supplier

Every ECU Pro dealer file supplied is custom written by a qualified and experienced software engineer. We pride ourselves on reliability and are well known throughout Europe for our quality software.  All files supplied carry our ECU Pro reputation which is second to none, with us being at the forefront of developing new software for vehicles many other tuners simply can not work on, rest assured you are joining one of the best remapping companies in the industry.

Become A Part Of The Network

You can start out on your own or add to your existing business.  As an ECU Pro dealer, you will only have to undertake a small number of steps to remap a customer’s vehicle. We will do all of the intricate work of optimising the file, which advances the engine’s power, torque and fuel economy.

To maintain the ECU Pro brand we are looking for well established garages, who have experience in the motor industry and equipment to complement our remapping procedures, such as main dealer level diagnostics equipment, along with vehicle lifts and other automotive tooling. We don't just let "anybody" carry the ECU Pro brand without a good reputation and for good reason, our brand is recognised across Europe for its excellent service and reliablity. We offer comprehensive training and full support until you feel comfortable enough to offer your customers this service. This includes having your own dedicated engineer, with over 10 years experience, for upto 7 days training you at your premises. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and give far superior training over other tuning companies.

Remap Software Options

We have an array of options when it comes to ECU software, from deleting the DPF to removing speed limiters, we can do it all. Our pricing structure is very competitive and most options are included free when you purchase a remap from us.

Tried & Tested Remapping

All our remapping software is developed in house on our 4WD dynocom rolling road. We are at the forefront of developing ECU software and have experience in race and rally competitions. We are well known for our break-through research & development.

Latest Technology

We supply remapping tools using latest technology and full support from Alientech. You can rest assured you will be using the best and safest tools for the job, giving you full confidence when working on your customers vehicles, and giving the best possible service.

Send Remap File Securely

Our bespoke file transfer system uses state of the art servers around the world. This ensures that all files are transferred safely without data corruption and backs them up ensuring you never lose customers original software.

DVLA Intergration

For UK dealers we have integrated the DVLA lookup system which ensures the correct vehicle information is provided for both you and your customers.

Dealer Portal

To ensure you have as much help as possible, we developed our dealer portal system aimed at making tuning cars easier. We do this by providing such info as ECU types, ECU location, OBD locations and more.

Join Us & Recieve

The latest tuning technology. A comprehensive training package for reading and writing ECUs. Links from our website to yours. Customers in your area are passed directly to you. Constant updates on new software or new vehicles. One year of free updates. Phone and email support when you need it.  The potential for strong profits