What does ECU remapping involve?

Firstly, our installers will connect their laptop to your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) via the OBD (Onboard Diagnostic) port, to take a copy of the engine management file. This is then sent via our secure website to our software engineers who will adjust the settings within the file according to your requirements before it is returned to the installer to reprogram the ECU.


Some vehicles cannot be remapped via the OBD and the ECU has to be physically removed and reprogrammed on the bench. Tuning via OBD normally takes around an hour, and slightly longer if done on the bench, but either way the work can be carried out at one of our ECU Pro dealer premises, or at your home or place of work depending on your location.  

Is an ECU remap safe for my engine?

We care about our customer’s cars and want to provide a service which you will tell your friends and family about, so it is in our best interests to ensure that our remaps do not push your vehicle beyond its component’s capabilities. Furthermore, the majority of engines are modular nowadays, providing many power outputs from factory varied only by the ECU software, and the use of such engines clearly highlights the large tolerances available within them.


Your engine’s performance is compromised as standard, the reasons for which we have covered in why the manufacturer hasn’t given this extra power from factory, so we simply modify the ECU settings to only release what your vehicle is already capable of. The power reserves are so large and our enhancements will always stay well within the engines safe limits so that the engine will still be operating within manufacturer tolerances. It wouldn’t be beneficial to either of us to install a remap which is unsafe for your engine, which is why you should beware of quotes of excessive gains as they are usually either unsafe or untrue.

Can the remap be reversed?

We can return the vehicle back to factory specification upon request, there may be an installation fee to write your original software back into the vehicle. 

Will main dealers find my remap?

Modern dealer diagnostics are being improved to be able to detect tuning, whilst they don't all have access to these tools we have to advise you that there is always a chance of detection and all tuning carried out on your vehicle is at your discretion.  

Does it affect my manufacturer's warranty?

Most manufacturers state that modifications to any components that are not approved by the original equipment manufacturer will void their warranty. Although not all manufacturers have the ability to detect tuning, and most of the time warranty work will be carried out without question.

For a fee we can return your ECU to normal whilst your vehicle goes in for warranty work and reinstate the remap along with any manufacturer updates afterwards to reduce the risk of tuning being detected, however, manufacturers with advanced diagnostics equipment will still be able to see that your ECU has been accessed if they are specifically looking to see if your vehicle has been tuned.

Why hasn't the manufacturer given this extra power from the factory?

Manufacturers need to create a "one size fits all" when developing their engines in order to meet a wide range of regulations and climates across the globe, and so they limit the power and mpg via the ECU to achieve this. As we don't have these limitations, ECU Pro is able to fine tune your vehicle by safely modifying the power and torque outputs with our specialist remapping knowledge and experience. 

Do I need to inform my car insurance?

Even though an ECU remap is not a physical or visible alteration, it is a performance modification which you have a responsibility to inform your insurance company of, and we have to advise you that failure to notify them of any modifications could invalidate your policy.

What warranty does ECU PRO offer?

For all vehicles less than 3 years old and 60,000 miles we offer a free 12 month/30,000 miles warranty which is to cover mechanical repairs relating to the remap. We do not provide any implied warranty on vehicles outside of manufacturer’s warranty or older than 3 years or 60,000 miles. We also give a 30 day money back guarantee with all remaps and a life time guarantee on the software too, which means your remap will not modify itself or reset unless outside intervention occurs. Terms and conditions apply. 

Will my engines life expectancy be shortened?

The engines life expectancy would only be shortened if the remap exceeded the limits of your car's engine, which is why you should be wary of tuners quoting excessive performance gains. We always ensure that we stay well within the power reserves of the engine so that the remap will not put any extra strain on components or accelerate engine wear.

What areas does your mobile ECU remap service cover?

Our mobile ECU remap service is national.

How soon can you book me in for your mobile service?

We can usually book you in within 7 days, depending on your area.

How long does the ECU remap take?

The ECU remap is usually complete within 1 hour, however some vehicles can take longer.

How do I pay for my ECU Remap?

We require a £29.99 deposit to be made via the Bookings page on our website by debit or credit card to secure your remap appointment. The deposit is deducted from the total price of your remap and the remaining balance is due once your remap is complete and you have taken your vehicle for a test drive. The remaining balance can be paid in cash, bank transfer or debit / credit card.

What is your refund policy?

If you cancel your remap up to 24 hours before your appointment time then your £30 deposit will be refunded, however if you cancel after this time then the deposit becomes non-refundable. We also give a 14 day money back guarantee with all remaps. Terms and conditions apply.